The aim of The Rugby M.A.D Foundation is to support and complement the curriculum and directive within school to promote emotional and social well-being of students. Rugby is the vehicle, the structure, through which we work to support educators in achieving these aims.

Ken Wright

Founder Rugby MAD

How do we do this:

By combining sport with educational support and life skills coaching, we aim to reinforce the values learned through rugby, making the practical implementation of behavior, attitude change, more effective.


Rugby M.A.D. implements:

1. RugbyEducates
The Rugby M.A.D. school program based on the ‘7 values’ R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Education – Rugby – Community

2. Mind – Body – Rugby
The Rugby M.A.D. team-building, program for educators / teachers:

3. The Rugby M.A.D. 7’s team – Make A Difference [Stage 2]
Organize school tournament, events, together with selected students – Tag rugby – 7s rugby – The Rugby M.A.D. challenge.

Our approach through rugby recognizes each young person as an asset to the team builds on strengths, is pro-active, empowering, aspirational and motivating.


What are the benefits RM aims to achieve?

  • Enhancing confidence, self esteem of young people.
  • Increased concentration and performance at school and work floor.
  • Reduction in bullying at the club, schools and work floor.
  • Increasing the sense of individual and collective responsibility.
  • Actively working to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle choices for young people.


Rugby M.A.D. 7’s team:

The M.A.D. 7’s team is the first rugby team specifically formed to represent the 7x core values of rugby. Each invited player is chosen on the basis of both aptitude and their fair play mentality. Each player is invited to become an ambassador for the team and the values that it represents. War Child Holland [logo] feature on the team shirts of the M.A.D. 7s team.



Company sponsorship – gold – silver – bronze packages available. Individual donations or interested in organising a fundraising event please contact us. For more information concerning The Rugby M.A.D. Foundation or The M.A.D. 7s team contact.



Rugby is a sport, which by its very nature challenges the individual both physically and mentally. Confronting and overcoming these challenges forms the basis of character building, self-confidence and mutual respect.

The values of rugby define the underlying principles, code of behavior, the tradition, which connects the individual to the collective, the team, the club, the community. The accepted core-values of rugby are Respect, Engagement, Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Enjoyment, Courage and Team work [R.E.S.P.E.C.T]. These values form the cornerstone of all of our programs and activities.